Brahe's guiding principle is that inspiring the young is one of science and industry's

most important contributions to civilization.



Established in 2009, Brahe is a Swedish nonprofit foundation that arranges lectures and seminars and other programs by prominent academics in the physical and behavioral sciences, and in business and the arts, to faculty and students at Swedish educational institutions and other venues with the public invited. Thus far we have arranged 16 programs, including two by Nobel laureates.


Latest News

On 20 - 21 October 2016 physicist Antoine Georges (Collège de France and École Polytechnique) Lectured and held colloquiums at Uppsala University, Alba Nova and at Nordita on Understanding Strong Electronic Correlations: Recent Progress from Dynamical Mean-Field Theory.


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Admission is free to all Brahe programs. No salary is paid to any Brahe director.

Brahe does not engage in any political or religious activity.




Betsy Devine

Chairperson of Elegant Art, Eloquent Equations 2017



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